Guardianship Of Person And Property

Section 103. Special order in case of small estate

(1) If it appears that, having regard to the station in life of a minor and to the value of his property and to all the circumstances of the case, it would be expedient that the capital property of the minor be made available for his maintenance, education, or advancement in such manner as to avoid the expense of making application to the Court, the Court may, instead of appointing a guardian of the property of the minor, order that all the property of the minor, of whatsoever description, be placed in the hands of a person to be appointed by the Court, with full power to deal with and apply the property for the purpose aforesaid in his sole and uncontrolled discretion; and in that case the receipt of the person appointed shall be a good discharge to any person making any payment or transfer of any property to him on behalf of the minor.

(2) Any person appointed under subsection (1) may be ordered by the Court to render an account of his dealings with the minors’ estate.

(3) The Court may for any sufficient reason discharge any order, or revoke any appointment, made under subsection (1), any may appoint another person with the same power or such greater or lesser power as may appear advisable, or may appoint a guardian of the minor’s property.

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