Section 31. Registration of marriage solemnized abroad of a person resident in the State of Penang.

(1) Where any person who is a resident of the State of Penang has solemnized a valid marriage according to Hukum Syarak abroad, not being a marriage registered under section 24, the person shall, within six months after the date of the marriage, appear before the nearest or most conveniently available Registrar of Muslim Marriages, Divorces, and Ruju’ abroad in order to register the marriage, and the marriage, upon being registered, shall be deemed to be registered under this Enactment.

(2) Where before the expiry of the period of six months, either one or both parties to the marriage is comtemplating returning to the State of Penang and the marriage has not been registered abroad, registration of the marriage shall be effected within six months after either one or both of the parties first arrived in the State of Penang by the party or both parties appearing before any Registrar in the State of Penang and—

(3) The Registrar may dispense with the appearance of one of the parties if he is satisfied that there exists good and sufficient reason for the absence of the party and in that case the entry in the Marriage Register shall include a statement of the reason for the absence.

(4) Upon the registration of a marriage under this section, a certified copy of the entry in the Marriage Register signed by the Registrar shall be delivered or sent to the husband and another copy to the wife, and another certified copy shall be sent, within such period as may be prescribed, to the Chief Registrar who shall cause all such certified copies to be bound together to constitute the Foreign Muslim Marriages Register.

(5) Where the parties to a marriage required to be registered under this section have not appeared before a Registrar within the period specified in subsection (1), the marriage may, upon application to the Registrar, be registered later on payment of such penalty as may be prescribed.

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